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Devin Teske

Senior System Administrator
San Francisco, CA

Devin Teske got her start in computers when her mom gave her a Commodore 64 and left her alone to figure it out. Self taught Devin knows over 2-dozen programming languages and enjoys learning both old and new technologies. Her top-five favorite programming languages are, in no particular order, Forth, C, Awk, Perl, and bourne-shell.

She has been a FreeBSD committer for the past 10 years and can be blamed for the boot loader menu, several utilities and libraries such as dpv, libfigpar, sysrc, and bsdconfig, as well as parts of the installer, and even DTrace utilities for debugging kernel/userland.

A veteran of containerization, she spoke at UC Berkeley in December on managing FreeBSD jails with private networking stacks and how to capitalize on unique performance/security features. These days she works at a startup named Smule as part of the Operations team, helping to maintain and grow the infrastructure that handles over 50M subscribers uploading more than 30TB of new content every day from around the globe. 

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